Particle Interactions

Introduction The fundamental particle interactions, also known as fundamental forces, are the interactions that do not appear to be reducible to more basic interactions.

Constituents Of The Atom

Introduction The atoms of all elements are made up of three particles called protons, neutrons and electrons.

Classification Of Particles

Introduction Subatomic particles are classified based on their mass, type of interaction and electrical charge.

Hooke’s Law

Introduction There is one common property behind stretching of a spring and rubber band that come back to their original shape.

Motion Along A Straight Line

Introduction In any scientific experiment that involves moving objects, motion of the objects is defined by various parameters such as speed, velocity and acceleration.

Current Voltage Characteristics

Introduction In this article, the relationship between current and voltage for an ohmic conductor, semiconductor diode and filament lamp is discussed.

Current Electricity

Electricity is a set of physical phenomena associated with the presence of motion of electric charge.